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Rescuing Wildlife

Have you found an injured animal?


If so, follow these tips under the relevant menu heading at right and call the Granite Belt Wildlife Carer Rescue Coordinator on 0418 144 073.


Quick Tip!


In most rescue situations, you will be able to assist if you can remember the four C's.


  • Contain the animal


  • Cover the animal
  • Keep it Cosy warm and
  • Call a Carer

    More information can also be found in our Rescuing Wildlife Brochure.  Please click on the image above.


    Wildlife Rescue Kit ( please see images below...)


    If you want to equip yourself with the right equipment to perform a quick and efficient rescue, ensure that you have:

  • a box or basket with lid, or cage suited to the animal to contain it
  • a towel or blanket in the box/basket/cage
  • a pillow case for joeys
  • a heat source for juveniles (heat pad, portable heat pack, hot water bottle, wheat pillow - all wrapped)
  • animal protection gloves
  • safety vest
  • light source (headlamp or torch)
  • waterless antiseptic handwash
  • The rescuer should also have a basic first aid kit handy containing the following:

  • a variety of bandages and dressings
  • vetrap (self adhering bandage or micropore
  • betadine antiseptic solution or wipes
  • latex gloves

    Depending on the animal or the situation, two people may be required to perform the rescue.  Once the animal is contained, call the Granite Belt Wildlife Carers Rescue Coordinator on 0418 144 073 to discuss the next course of action.


    The animal may be able to go into care immediately, or it may require veterinary treatment.  These details should all be discussed with the rescue coordinator.


    Please click on thumbnail to see larger image...


    Koala Koala in Cage Releasing Koala Releasing Koala