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Become a member of Granite Belt Wildlife Carers

Membership Types

Granite Belt Wildlife Carers offers two main types of membership:

  • Support Members and
  • Carer Members

    Support Members

    Support members are those members who, for various reasons, cannot care for animals but want to be part of our group and support us in other ways. Our support members help us with a range of activities including fund raising, publicity, making craft items for sale, and some even nominate to sit in committee positions. Without our support members, our group could not function.


    The annual fees for support membership are $20.00 pa for a single and $25.00 pa for a couple or family.


    Carer Members

    Carer members are a very special group of people who are willing to give up their time, energy and money to care for orphaned, sick or injured wildlife that come into care. Carer members have to agree to abide by the rules and regulations surrounding the care of orphaned, sick or injured wildlife administered by the Department of Environment and Resource Management, as well as abide by the Model Rules for our organisation.


    Carer members need to demonstrate that they have the facilities and skills to care for native animals that come into care. This might mean that carer members specialise in caring for specific animal groups. For example, we have carers who specialise in caring for birds only, macropods (kangaroos, wallabies, wallaroos) only, possums (including gliders) only, etc. We have only a few carers whose skills and training enable them to care for quolls, koalas and echidnas.


    The annual fees for carer membership are $20.00 pa for a single and $25.00 pa for a couple or family. Families who join must include at least one adult member to take responsibility for caring for the animal.

    If you are considering becoming a carer member, further information can be found by downloading:


  • the Granite Belt Wildlife Carers Information Kit and

  • the Granite Belt Wildlife Carers brochure - Caring for Wildlife

  •  If you decide to proceed, please download and complete our Membership Form.